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Club House

The Wimbledon Golf Club, whilst still playing on Wimbledon Common, moved to Camp Cottage on Camp Road on a 21 year lease in 1882 secured from Frank Malleson, shortly after the “civilians” separated from the London Scottish Golf Club.

The Iron Room that had originally been built in the garden at Mrs Croft’s cottages near the 8th and 11th holes on the course on Wimbledon Common, was re-erected and integrated into the new club house and now is an important element of the clubhouse, serving as the Old Dining Room with its display of club memorabilia.

An offer was made to buy the property in 1893 but the offer was refused only for Miss Malleson, who had inherited the property, to offer the club the opportunity in 1925. The price was £6,500.

As Charles Cruikshank notes in his book of the cub’s history dated 1986, “In the 104 years of its existence as a clubhouse it has grown from a comfortable six-bedroom dwelling house into a sprawling complex, as a result of innumerable additions and modifications. It resembles the handiwork of a rather stupid small boy experimenting with his first set of building bricks. It is inconvenient, consisting largely of stairs, corridors and small rooms.”

In recent years considerable effort and investment has gone into improving the ''sprawling complex''. This has included a men’s changings room created from a warren of small rooms, refurbished ladies changing rooms, trolley sheds, a dedicated snooker room on the first floor adjacent to the men’s changing rooms, and the creation of a large dining room running the length of the clubhouse - a project that was some fifteen years in the making.