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The records of the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers state that, at a meeting held on 5th November after a shooting match, they agreed to arrange for a golf course to be prepared on Wimbledon Common.


Golf was first played ‘formally’ over seven holes created by the Corps, now called the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers.


The course is extended to 18 holes by Tom Dunn the newly appointed Professional.


Royal Wimbledon began to construct their own course, designed by Willie Park on 240 acres of Warren Farm. This was supported by an article in the Field which stated: 'Wimbledon Common is open not only to golfers who play there by courtesy but also to nursemaids with perambulators and picnic parties'. Warren farm provided the opportunity to escape the ‘perambulators.’


The Captain, Stephen Fairbairn (the Australian oarsman) arranges, at his own expense, a report from Harry Colt, a former member of the club when it was on the Common. Colt's response is to advise the Club that the land on Warren Farm is ideal for making a golf course. In Colt's opinion there was room for a second 9 if not 18 in the low-lying valley. The Club rejects the plan for a second course.


Colt’s course is formally opened by the past Captain Colonel G A Malcolm who drives the first ball. There follows a match with the Oxford & Cambridge Golfing Society which is halved. The changes to the course cost £7,000.


Fifteen new bunkers are added and modifications are made to a further fourteen bunkers. Three new tees are created.


Changes are made to the course. The green and tee by Beverley Brook beyond the present ninth tee are lost; the replacement of the seventeenth (formally played from the area of the site of the practice bunker which used to be to the right of the present eighteenth to the ground now devoted to allotments) and the inclusion of the present eighteenth replacing its potentially lethal predecessor with the green at a safer distance from the club house.


The sixth hole is redesigned to prevent balls going in to the gardens on the right hand side of this fairway.


Extensive work begins on a redesign and reshaping of the first and eighteenth holes. To finance these alterations a bond of £350,000 is raised from the Members. The purpose of these alterations is to help eliminate hazardous golf balls landing in the properties to the right of the first fairway. These new holes are opened at the Spring meeting of 2012.

Banner : Willie Park designed course showing the 7th green with 4th hole in the background taken in 1923.